Zero To Freelance: The Course by Olivia Muenter

Zero To Freelance: The Course

How to pitch stories, make money, and finally create the freelance writing career you keep dreaming about.

Dreaming of going freelance, but feeling overwhelmed? No idea where to even start? Pull up a seat.

Zero To Freelance is a comprehensive guide of everything you need to know if you're considering going freelance. It's what I wish I had had during every part of my freelance journey — from when I first started thinking about taking the plunge to when I eventually quit my job to when I started pitching outlets regularly.

It's tips, tools, and strategies from someone who has been a full-time editor and a full-time freelancer. It's practical, experience-backed advice about how to make full-time freelance writing work for you. But mostly, it's a reminder that you can do this.

Full-time freelance work isn't necessarily easy, but it's possible, lucrative, and rewarding as hell. Maybe you're reading this right now and thinking that it's not possible for you — that it's overwhelming or out of reach. I felt that way, too. But that's why I created this course. So that by the end of Zero To Freelance, anyone will feel fully confident that freelancing is possible for them. Because it is.

Hi! I'm Olivia, and I created this course because it's exactly what I needed when I went freelance.

When I quit my job to freelance full time, I felt like I was leaping into the unknown. In retrospect, that decision is the best one I ever made for my career and happiness. At first, though? I spent months chasing success through trial and error. I created this course so you don't have to.

Some of what you can expect from this course:

  • A comprehensive guide on how, where, and when to pitch stories. 
  • Examples and templates of real-life pitches + video explanations of which worked, which didn't, and why. 
  • Access to an exclusive freelance networking group (Zero To Freelance: The Community).
  • Tips + tricks for getting pitches approved from someone with experience as an editor and freelancer.
  • Personal branding dos, don'ts, and strategies that will boost your online presence and put you on the radar of more editors and publications.
  • Guidance on how and where to invest in your personal brand. 
  • Templates, tools, and strategies for for organizing your deadlines, payments, and savings as a freelancer (yes, this includes saving for taxes).
  • A one-year, flexible timeline for everything you need to do before going full-time freelance.


Who is this course designed for?

If you want to make money through freelance writing, this course is for you.

Would this course be useful to people in fields other than writing?

It could certainly be useful to anyone who wants to make money through full-time digital content creation, but it was specifically written with freelance writing in mind.

I'm already freelancing, but looking for a career boost. Could this help?

Yes. If you're looking to streamline your systems, boost your organization, enhance your personal branding, or simply think differently about how, when, and why you pitch stories, then this course could be for you.

Why Zero To Freelance?

This isn't the only freelancing course that exists on the internet, and it isn't the cheapest either. The truth is that what sets Zero To Freelance apart is the person behind it all — me. 

I've been a full-time editor and spent years weeding through pitches, deciding what to accept or deny. I've quit my full-time job to go freelance. I've weathered the highs and lows that come with freelance writing. I've built an authentic personal brand from scratch and grown a substantial, engaged audience over time.

And through all of that, I asked myself one question, "How do I put all of this knowledge in one place so that people can be as happy with freelancing as I've been?"  That's the question that guided how I created this course, and that's why I think it's the best option out there.